5 tips for an eco-friendly pregnancy

Becoming a mother deepens our connection to ourselves and, of course, the world around us. It leads us to consider the kind of world our little ones will inherit. So, how can we embrace mindful choices without straining our wallets, the planet, or our to-do lists? Simple: It’s all about taking baby steps to a planet-friendly pregnancy.

1. Choose natural personal care products

Pregnancy is the perfect time to explore self care, with the right products. And you don’t have to sacrifice sustainability for indulgence. Simply start by ditching harsh chemicals—parabens and phthalates—and welcoming recyclable materials and natural ingredients. Whether it’s deodorants, stretch mark oils, or your entire personal care routine, we recommend checking the ingredient lists: the more ingredients you can pronounce and recognise, the better. 

For those prone to allergies, check out our extra tips here

2. Thinking big picture when it comes to maternity clothes

We know it’s tempting to buy a whole new wardrobe when your bump’s growing, but there is a way to nail comfort without compromising the planet (or your bank account). And it’s not always about buying up maternity wear, which is useful for pregnancy alone. 

  • Engage a stylist who knows pregnancy. They are a perfect companion to navigating your changing closet, and body’s needs across trimesters and through to postpartum.
  • Buying large (or XXXL) allows for clothes to be worn in different ways throughout pregnancy, and even into postpartum. 
  • Exploring eco-friendly alternatives, like op-shopping for vintage oversized Tees, or cotton dresses can really add to the overall look and ensure fast fashion isn’t alwasy required.

3. Eco-friendly cleaning products

Creating a safe, clean space for you while pregnant includes your product choices beyond what sits directly on your skin. Consider avoiding harsh chemicals and option for eco-friendly cleaning products like Tirtyl to keep your home sparkling while protecting your family’s health and Mother Nature’s too. When on the lookout, we recommend keeping clear of aerosol cleaners (as they can penetrate and irritate the lungs) and fragrances, as they may contain harmful phthalates.

4. Eat for two, sustainably

There are plenty of ways to nourish your baby that are gentle on the planet. Start by choosing organic produce, if available to you, and buying in bulk to minimise waste. Incorporating wholesome foods, like beans and lentils, into your diet is another way to support sustainable practices while ensuring you get the nutrients you need. Feeling peckish and ready to dig in? Keep reading here for our top picks for healthy, eco-friendly options during pregnancy.

5. Choose a planet-friendly prenatal

Not all prenatal vitamins are created equal. Did you know that many are packed with fillers and binders that do zero for you or the planet? Enter our moode prenatal vitamins. Our fully transparent ingredients ensure you’re fueling your pregnancy with elements that are as clean as can be. 


With a commitment to minimal, clean binders, our premium prenatal multivitamins meet your nutritional needs without compromising the planet.

Transitioning to an eco-friendly lifestyle during pregnancy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start small, and gradually pick up the habits that resonate with you most to have a planet-friendly pregnancy.

Ready to go green? Start the journey here.

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