Is Taylor Swift Pregnant? Why We Shouldn’t Be Asking…

Is Taylor Swift Pregnant? Why We Need To Stop Asking.

In a world where everything is hyper documented from every possible angle and virally shared across the globe, it’s become “normal” for celebrities to face relentless scrutiny. Especially, when it comes to suspected pregnancies and slight changes in their bodies.

In the last week, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga have become the latest targets of these invasive rumours, with millions of people across Instagram, TikTok and news sites debating and discussing whether or not they are expecting.

But amid all this conversation, one pressing question remains: Why are we still so obsessed with commenting on women’s bodies? And why can’t we all just stop assuming?

Lady Gaga performs on stage in a black leather jacket and gloves

“Not pregnant just down bad crying at the gym” Image credit: Lady Gaga

Why does everyone think Taylor Swift is pregnant?

It all began on the European leg of Taylor’s mind-bending Eras Tour. As usual, following anything the pop superstar does, videos began popping up on TikTok. They showed Taylor in her signature sparkling bodysuits, performing mega hits for over three hours without so much as a strand of hair or smudge of red lipstick out of place. Yet, when you go to the comments section, video after video was filled with fans zooming in on Taylor’s stomach, leaving comments like: ‘pregnant?’ or ‘I’m calling it, Taylor and Travis are getting married by July’ or ‘she’s 4 months for SURE!!’.

Lady Gaga, too, faced similar questioning, after recent photos emerged of the star alongside her boyfriend at her sister’s wedding. A few comments snowballed into a full-blown debate, with people everywhere dissecting her every move and outfit choice for signs of pregnancy. Responding to the onslaught of invasive comments, Gaga posted a video on TikTok quoting Taylor Swift lyrics, “not pregnant just down bad crying at the gym.”

Taylor herself commented in support, “can we all agree that it’s invasive and irresponsible to comment on a woman’s body. Gaga doesn’t owe anyone an explanation and neither does any woman.” Damn right.

The problem with pregnancy speculation.

The conversation about whether or not Taylor Swift is pregnant comes just years after the singer’s 2020 Miss Americana documentary, where Taylor revealed her struggle with eating disorders and the harmful effects of pregnancy rumours and commenting on slight (read: very normal) changes in her body.
It’s a good reminder. Speculation about any woman’s pregnancy, or any aspect of her body, isn’t just harmless gossip. It perpetuates so many unhelpful notions and behaviours, like:

  • Body shaming and unrealistic expectations.

Celebrities are often held to impossibly high standards of beauty and fitness. When fans scrutinise their bodies for changes, it reinforces the idea that any deviation from these standards is newsworthy or problematic. This can contribute to body shaming and the perpetuation of unrealistic beauty ideals that are harmful to everyone, celebrity or not.

  • Invasion of privacy.

A woman’s body is her own, and she has the right to privacy and autonomy. Speculating about a potential pregnancy is an invasion of this privacy. Celebrities, despite their public lives, deserve the same respect and boundaries as anyone else.

  • Emotional impact.

Comments about body changes can be deeply personal and hurtful. They can affect a person’s mental health and well-being. For public figures like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, who are already under immense pressure, such scrutiny can add an unnecessary and unwelcome burden.

  • Reinforcement of patriarchal gender norms.

This kind of speculation also reinforces traditional gender norms, suggesting that a woman’s worth is only tied to her reproductive status. It reduces women to their potential to bear children, ignoring their achievements, talents, and individuality.

Let this be a reminder.

The speculation about whether Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga are pregnant may seem like harmless celebrity gossip to some, but the conversation reflects deeper societal issues about how we view and treat women. By shifting the focus from celebrities’ bodies to their achievements, respecting their privacy, and challenging harmful norms, we can all contribute to a more respectful and supportive culture.
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