sexual health

Preconception sex and intimacy


For heterosexual couples practising to make a baby, it's not uncommon for the intimacy and spontaneity of sex to simply disappear, paving way to timed ...

Preconception sex and intimacy2023-12-20T16:29:59+11:00

Navigating a herpes diagnosis


In the fear mongering frenzy that masquerades as high school sex-ed, sexually transmitted infections come second only to pregnancy as a reason to abstain ...

Navigating a herpes diagnosis2023-08-21T13:52:49+10:00

Postpartum Sex


Post pregnancy, our bodies go through a myriad of changes. The physical recovery and hormonal rollercoasters have been well documented, but igniting the sexual flame, again, ...

Postpartum Sex2023-08-21T13:53:04+10:00

Sex Ed


School sex education of the 90s was full of awkward giggles, confused girls and a deep fear a slip of the condom or a ...

Sex Ed2023-08-21T13:57:11+10:00
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