Your postpartum holiday survival guide


The holiday season can be busy and stressful in its own right but when it takes place smack bang in the middle of your ...

Your postpartum holiday survival guide2023-12-08T11:11:10+11:00

Why Prenatal Vitamins Are Important Postpartum


While there’s no official recommendation around the perfect time to stop taking a prenatal vitamin, many health practitioners will recommend continuing on a prenatal ...

Why Prenatal Vitamins Are Important Postpartum2023-09-06T13:01:15+10:00

Pregnant and breastfeeding


Planning to conceive but still breastfeeding? Already pregnant and still feeding? Holistic Lactation Consultant Joelleen Winduss Paye of JWP walks us through all you ...

Pregnant and breastfeeding2023-11-08T14:52:54+11:00
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