Postpartum village of support: Georgie’s story

My name’s Georgie, I’m 32 and mum to two daughters, Mala and Daphne.

Motherhood was sprung upon me. I found myself pregnant at 24 which seems pretty young these days, with a boyfriend I’d been with for a mere 6 months. None of my friends were even thinking about babies so I was the first. I didn’t keep my pregnancy a secret but I did feel like I didn’t want to take up space and so I just got on with it without much support and I didn’t really think that was a bad thing.

I assumed once i had the baby my life would continue the same, i would just strap her to my back and carry on unchanged. No-one really spoke to me about the changes, the seasons, the development of self, the loss or the gains I would go through after having a child. My friends seemed to have dropped off the edge of the earth by the time I had the baby. I had no village. I moved around trying to continue the lifestyle my partner and I were used to. London toNorth England, then Cornwall, Australia again, Berlin, back to Melbourne then Adelaide then Melbourne. We were exhausted and broke. By the time my daughter was 3 and finally in kindergarten I had space to feel all the feels and fell into depression and was hopelessly lonely . I needed mums to talk to, I needed community and after thinking I didn’t need it this was a huge shock!

Two years later and stumbling out of this dark hole, I fell pregnant with my second planned baby. I had a natural birth which was tremendously healing and I felt strong, capable and proud within myself. I had a mission. I wasn’t going to be sad. I was going to be active in finding my community a second time around. Two weeks postpartum with Daphne I signed up to a course to become a Postpartum Doula. I wanted to make sure I could help other birthing people transition into parenthood with the support they deserved. I now run my own business Georgie Days, offering postpartum support packages. Now that I have a strong group of mothers I can honestly call friends, I managed to find my role in this journey and feel the strength of sisterhood and the power, love and support we can give each other. I feel so passionate about the health of mothers.

Postpartum is forever and we are forever evolving. To have our hearts expand with so much love but we so often put ourselves last is just not ok. I want to be part of that change.

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Visit our shop to find out more about The Prenatal supplement to help support a healthy pregnancy.

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