moode, moody.

We the moode,

Have a right to be moody.

Because we’ve been in it, and through it and out again, and we know.

Fertility. Infertility. Pregnancy. Postpartum. Pain.

We’ve been pricked and prodded, stretched and pulled. We’ve been bruised, torn and cut.

Because our health matters too

We’ve been scared, we’ve been scarred, we’ve been up, we’ve been down and around again, and in a real mood.

We’re exhausted and depleted and overwhelmed, but we carry on so we can carry on with our babes.


What if we stopped, and said fck it, ‘we’re moody’. And for good reason.

Because we grow life as we grow too. Let’s not forget that.

So, we believe it’s our moment to gather ourselves, prioritise ourselves, reclaim ourselves, alongside our babes.
Welcome to moode, where we honour a women-centred approach to health in our baby-centric world.

We’re all about maternal health.

Because our health matters too. And this is our moment.

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