Championing Choline- the unsung fertility nutrient

With benefits like improved brain health, a supportive function in neural tube development and optimised placental function, choline is certainly the unsung fertility nutrient. Until recently, choline- a relative of the B vitamin group, has avoided attention in the world of prenatal nutrition. But emerging research has shown us choline shares many similar benefits on a developing baby to folate. And supplementation is particularly important to consider, as approximately 90%–95% of pregnant women consume less choline than recommended. And most prenatal vitamins don’t put in nearly enough to do the job.

Top food sources of choline

Eggs- Just 2 eggs and their yolks a day meet about half a pregnant woman’s daily choline needs

Liver- Rich in almost every vitamin and mineral needed to support foetal cognitive development, including choline.


The key benefits of choline

1. Boosting baby’s brain development

One of the standout benefits of choline is its positive impact on foetal brain development. Studies have shown that getting enough choline during pregnancy can enhance memory and cognitive function in the baby. It’s like giving your little one a head start on their journey to brilliance.

2. Guarding Against Neural Tube Defects

Choline isn’t just good for the brain; it’s a key player in preventing neural tube defects, too. Including choline in your prenatal nutrition lineup acts as an additional safeguard against potential issues with the baby’s spinal cord development, ensuring a strong foundation right from the start.

3. Boosting Maternal Health Too

While we’re singing the praises of choline for the baby, let’s not forget about maternal health too. Choline also contributes to liver function and helps maintain a healthy metabolism. It’s like a little wellness boost for you during this delicate time.

How to Get Your Choline Fix

Now that we’ve established the amazing benefits of choline, you might be wondering how to incorporate it into your daily routine. Luckily, some prenatal vitamins are now formulated with choline- so be sure to look for one that includes it.

While choline might not be as well-known as some other prenatal powerhouses, its benefits are undeniable. By choosing a prenatal vitamin that includes this unsung hero, you’re not just ensuring your baby’s healthy development – you’re also investing in your own well-being too.

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Visit our shop to find out more about The Prenatal supplement to help support a healthy pregnancy.

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