Balancing a healthy pregnancy with allergies

Ashli Templer, founder and director of skin and hair care brand Yours Only shares her advice when it comes to supporting a healthy pregnancy from the inside out, while managing chronic allergies, inflammation and auto-immune disease.


With a marketing and social media background, Ashli experienced a breakthrough during a yoga session, following her diagnosis of several new intolerances. Eager to connect with others who would appreciate products with minimal ingredients, she embarked on a two-year research and development journey that led her to Yours Only- a skin and hair care brand, dedicated to people with sensitive bodies and skin. Now, at 31 weeks pregnant, she’s ready to share the ways her health journey supported her conception, and how her reproductive health has been nurtured from the inside-out.

So why is a minimal ingredient approach to skin health important to Ashli?

“I’ve lived my whole life with allergies, intolerances and health battles — in 2018 my symptoms worsened, leaving me to find new products for my sensitive body. I couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t flare me up, so I decided to develop a range, originally for me, which is now dedicated to those living with dramatic bodies, too.”

What affects skin integrity?

Skin is the largest organ in the body, and its health and appearance is influenced by both internal factors- like poor nutritional status, disease and autoimmune conditions, and external factors- like our environment, products, and accidents.

Ashli's Pregnancy Belly

For Ashli, it was the overarching influence of chronic illness and internal health that affected her the most. After a bout of serious ill health, Ashli says it took a year, and multiple doctors and specialists to diagnose her with Hashimoto’s disease. Already diagnosed with coeliac disease and other food intolerances, Ashli says she knew her body was struggling. She then experienced mould and mushroom exposure which led to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, an adenomyosis diagnosis, salicylate and histamine intolerances and more. She knew she had to take control of her health.

How have hormones played a role in your skin health?

The skin is a receptor and effector of hormones, with its own connection to the hypothalamus gland- the master hormone control centre of the brain.


And pregnancy hormone fluctuations and increased blood flow can lead to a range of skin alterations, from the celebrated “pregnancy glow” to less welcome effects like acne and hyperpigmentation. Hormonal surges can also trigger acne breakouts or exacerbate existing skin conditions. Understanding the dynamic relationship between pregnancy hormones and skin health allows us to tailor the support needed to manage specific skin health conditions.

Ashli says:

“Hormones have always played a big role in my health journey,” says Ashli. “Living with Hashimoto’s disease is a lifelong autoimmune disease that you need to manage everyday. I’ve had periods where my cycle is regular, but when my mind or system is stressed, they can become irregular, and also super painful.”

After working closely with an integrated GP and Chinese Doctor, Ashli was able to clear the mould from her system, reduce inflammation, regulate her periods (including the pain), and fall pregnant naturally in 2023. Since falling pregnant, she’s had to keep a close eye on her hormone levels to ensure she’s keeping the baby safe and healthy and having a healthy pregnancy.

Preparing for conception while managing chronic health conditions

Ashli spent a year prior trying to conceive trying to regulate her cycle. She explored acupuncture, and calmed her system with yoga, diet, and medication. She kept a close eye on her thyroid levels, and took vitamins including folate and vitamin D. Her husband was also busy preparing, and took a mens preconception multivitamin while reducing his alcohol intake.  

Ashli says,

“Once I fell pregnant, I was advised by my doctor to take it easy, especially in the first trimester as those with Hashimoto’s disease are prone to miscarriage (very stressful). I’ve had additional blood tests and scans throughout the pregnancy to monitor the baby — so far, so good!”

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