Are Your Prenatal Vitamins Hard To Swallow?

Pregnancy Hacks for the nauseas

We’ve teamed up with Nutritionist Lilly Lloyd to bring you a fertility rich recipe to support nourishment in early pregnancy. Did you know prenatals formulated in capsules can be opened up and added to your foods if nausea means you’re gagging at the thought of swallowing them? And this recipe is designed for just that.

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This little ball of goodness is here to help fill the nutritional gaps nausea in pregnancy can leave. If you find:

  • Swallowing your prenatal vitamins difficult 
  • The thought of eating nutritionally dense foods near impossible through the nausea
  • Uncertainty in knowing which nourishing and nutrient rich foods are safe to consume in pregnancy

Then you’ll want to make this recipe a staple of your pregnancy routine. 

Fertility friendly nutrients

These power bliss balls are not only loaded with our capsule The Prenatal by moode (yes, literally opened and stirred right in) but eat bite is filled with fertility powerhouse nutrients such as;

  • Ginger (raw form)

Full off phytochemicals, which can help alleviate morning sickness most common in Trimester 1.  Phytochemicals improve gastric emptying, encouraging a more  efficient digestion of our food. 

  • Flaxseeds

Lignans, found within these seeds help improve fertility and reduce inflammation, whilst balancing hormone levels.

  • Black Tahini

Rich in vitamin E, calcium, and essential fatty acids, nutrients all known for their fertility boosting properties. 

  • Collagen

A nutrient for all trimesters, helping with skin elasticity and hair loss.  

  • Cacao

Filled with magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron – vital nutrients for egg count, ovulation and endometrial lining thickness.


Makes | 8-10 balls


1 Tbsp Raw Ginger, grated
¾ Cup Pumpkin Seeds, blended
¼ Cup Flaxseeds, blended + 1 Tbsp added after
2 Tbsp Cacao Powder
⅓ Cup Collagen Powder
⅓ Cup Black Tahini
2 Tbsp Honey
Handful Cacao Nibs
2x opened capsules of The Prenatal by moode (daily dose)


  1. Blend pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds together to form a flour.
  2. Add to a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients, plus the extra tbsp of flaxseeds (a great little crunch addition).
  3. Once all mixed, open the capsules and add the contents to the bowl and mix until combined.
  4. Scoop out the mixture and roll into a bite-size ball. Place onto a plate and keep them in the fridge to snack on!

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Visit our shop to find out more about The Prenatal supplement to help support a healthy pregnancy.

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Visit our shop to find out more about The Prenatal supplement to help support a healthy pregnancy.

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