5 things to consider before conceiving

With Psychotherapist and Midwife duo- Tyger and Ari at Wonder Womb & Co

Considering adding to your family but not sure where to start? Wonder Womb & Co wonder duo Tyger and Ari share exactly what you should consider when implementing a conscious conception approach to conceiving.

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5 things to consider before conceiving:

  1. Learn to track your cycle.

    Be in tune with your body but know that it is not always instantaneous. On average, most couples get pregnant within a year. This also depends on your age and declines as you get older.

  2. Assess your fertility with a healthcare provider.

    You may choose to see your healthcare provider to assess your fertility. Be sure that both yourself and your partner do so- conception isn’t based solely on the woman’s fertility, and could perhaps be due to sperm health. So it’s always best practice to explore both parties.

  3. Consider the role of hormonal contraception.

    Some contraception may delay your ability to fall pregnant and sometimes it may not be advisable to start trying to fall pregnant immediately once you have stopped. For example, the progesterone only injection may hinder healthy fertility for up to one year after ceasing to use it.

  4. Take care of yourself.

    Start taking supplements, eating healthily, and avoid alcohol and drugs when you are preparing to conceive, stay active.

  5. Acknowledge stress.

    Stress levels and your mental health have an impact on your overall well-being which influence conception. Ensuring you are filling up your cup and maintaining self care is so important. Consider engaging in supportive physical activity.

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